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Terms and Conditions


It is the aim of Lincs Motorhome Hire to deliver a high quality hire service to all of our customers. By reading, understanding and complying with these Terms & Conditions, you can minimise distress if unforeseen events occur and show consideration for the next hirer. By making a booking and paying a deposit the Customer/Hirer is entering into a contract with Lincs Motorhome Hire and agree to abide by Lincs Motorhome Hire Terms and Conditions.


1. Booking/Payment


2. Collections

Please allow 1 hour for your collection. Collection of the motorhome is between 2:00pm -4:00pm unless by prior arrangement. Please be on time for your vehicle collection as vehicles are despatched on an appointment schedule. Arriving early does not necessarily mean we can facilitate early departure. Please allow at least 1.5 hours for your collection, during which time we will demonstrate proper use of the vehicle systems and equipment.


3.  Drivers

Drivers must be over 25 and under 75 years of age and have held a full driving licence valid for the relevant vehicle for at least two years prior to the commencement of hire. Driver’s licence must be free of endorsements except for minor speeding or parking offences (drivers with more than 6 penalty points may be subject to an insurance loading).  Proof of identity and all parts of driving licences must be produced by all drivers/Hirer(s) and we need to view all original copies at the time of collection.


The following will be required on collection:


(i) A valid UK driving licence (card or paper).  For other driving licences please speak directly with Lincs Motorhome Hire.

(ii) 2 utility bills/bank statements at present address up to 90 days old

(iii) We will also need to run a DVLA check. Please have your code ready. This can be obtained prior to hire from the dvla web site and is valid for 21 days.

(iv) Lincs Motorhome Hire reserves the right to refuse the handover of the vehicle if drivers/Hirer(s) do not meet insurance requirements as detailed above. In such a case, all hire charges paid (with the exception of deposit) will be refunded in full with no further liability to Lincs Motorhome Hire.

(v) The vehicle may only be driven by the Designated Driver(s) specified in the Hire Agreement/Insurance document. If one driver only is specified and this person is unable to drive, you must contact us to insure another driver (except for emergency or recovery services drivers).

(vi) All drivers must drive the vehicle with due care for the vehicle, their passengers and other road users.

(vii) The vehicle is intended for leisure transportation on made up roads only. It must not be used for any other purpose, such as racing, rallying, or trials.

(viii) Particular care must be taken when entering/exiting gateways, negotiating around buildings and steep inclines (e.g. roll-on/roll-off ferries, where there is risk of grounding the rear). It must not be driven through deep fords, or salt water.


4. Security Deposit

A security deposit bond of £600 will be required on the pick-up date. Card details will be stored and monies will only be taken from your account should there be damage to the vehicle. Repairs, replacement items or cleaning costs will be charged against the deposit bond. If the hirer is found to have damaged the vehicle by negligence (i.e. no other person or vehicle is involved) the hirer will be responsible for full rectification costs which will be charged against the deposit. Front and rear bumpers, overcab mouldings, roof lights, windows, wing mirrors and external doors are typical components prone to damage by negligence. Confirmation of booking and terms & conditions will be sent out prior to the hire date.


5.    Return

The motorhome should be returned to depot between 8:30am-11:00am unless by prior arrangement. It is imperative that you return the vehicle at the date and time specified in your Hire Agreement. You must contact us immediately if you are in doubt about the time of your return. If you are late and we are not informed, your insurance will expire, leaving you uninsured, liable to prosecution and wholly responsible for any costs incurred. Late returns will be surcharged at £50.00 per hour or part thereof. By arrangement, we can take a vehicle in at an earlier time than specified during business hours 8:30am - 5:00pm Mon-Fri, however no refund of unused hire will be made. You are required to return the vehicle in a clean and undamaged condition, with an empty waste water tank and an empty and clean toilet. A charge of £50.00 will be imposed for any vehicle returned with a soiled or unemptied toilet. On arrival back at our Depot, we will carry out a vehicle inspection and an inventory check. Please allow approximately half an hour for unloading the vehicle, our inspection and sign-off.


6.  Offences

You are wholly responsible for any offences of any kind which may occur while the vehicle is in your care, including (but not limited to) parking tickets, congestion charges, speeding fines and road traffic violations. Any fines or charges incurred during the Hire period which arrive after return of the vehicle has been returned, will be passed on to you.


7.    Insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance for the use in the UK is included within the hire charge. The insurance is only valid for the period of the hire, thus any late return would automatically constitute a traffic offence under the Road Traffic Act. Invalid insurance means the driver and main hirer become personally liable for any accident damage to the motorhome, third party property and third party personal injuries. Insurance cover is for the vehicle and equipment only. Personal possessions are not covered; hirers are advised to take out holiday insurance.


8.   European Travel

The vehicle cannot be taken abroad without prior consent.  Hirers intending to travel abroad will need to notify Lincs Motorhome Hire prior to departure, in order for the necessary insurance arrangements to be made. An additional charge of £15.00 per day will be charged for this.


9.   Mileage

For UK travel, a mileage limit of 1000 miles per week  applies.  Mileage over this will be charged at a rate of 25 pence per mile.

For European travel, a mileage limit of 1300 miles per week applies.  Mileage over this will be charged at a rate of 25 pence per mile.


10.     Fuel & Gas

The level of the fuel gauge will be full upon collection and the hirer is responsible for returning the vehicle with the fuel gauge at the same point.  All of our vehicles run on diesel fuel. Any fuel required on return will be charged at the prevailing rate per litre plus a £25.00 refuelling charge, which will also mean delay in completion and sign-off. Two gas cylinders are supplied with at least one full.


11.    Vehicle Maintenance

The driver is responsible for the roadworthiness of the vehicle and the safety of the passengers during hire. Each vehicle is checked prior to despatch and you are required to monitor oil, engine coolant, windscreen washer fluid level, tyres and tyre pressures whilst the vehicle is in your care. Please contact Lincs Motorhome hire in the event of any issues.


12.     Breakdown

In the unlikely event of vehicle breakdown, full roadside assistance is available of which details are provided in all vehicles, please also contact us directly to notify us of such so we may assist as necessary. In the event of breakdown, Lincs Motorhome hire will try and provide a replacement vehicle if available, however if this is not possible and the hire of the vehicle is terminated early due to a breakdown we will only be responsible for the period of time lost and a pro-rata refund made.


13.     Habitation Equipment or Accessory Breakdown

Breakdown of an item of on-board equipment does not render the vehicle unusable or necessitate in the curtailment of your holiday. In the first instance, please contact us so that we may establish whether the problem can be resolved during the hire period. This may mean a visit to a motorhome dealership or repair centre. Reasonable agreed costs up to the value of £50.00 including VAT, supported by a VAT receipt, will be reimbursed. Please do not attempt DIY repairs.


14.     Security

All of our hire vehicles have monitored tracker systems that have European wide coverage.

Whilst the vehicle is in your care, you are responsible for ensuring that all reasonable precautions are taken against damage to, or theft of or from the vehicle. When you leave the vehicle, ensure all windows and roof lights are closed, doors are locked and you have the keys. Do not give the keys to anyone else or permit unauthorised persons to drive the vehicle. Your insurance does not cover theft of or from the vehicle if:


(i) The vehicle has been left unlocked;

(ii) The keys have been left in it;

(iii) Window(s) and or door(s) have been left open;

(iv) You have allowed someone else to drive it and they take it away.

(v) Do not leave valuables on display, or leave the vehicle in a vulnerable position, such as on a junction or street corner, poorly lit or unsuitable areas. Taking these basic precautions will help reduce the risk of unwelcome attention and the distress this can cause.


15.     Accidents - Responsibilities, Liabilities and Charges

If the motorhome sustains damage at any time during your hire, please inform us straight away. If we know about it we can start to make arrangements for repair before the vehicle returns, rather than having no time to effect repairs prior to the next hire, potentially leaving us in a position of having to cancel or compensate another customer’s holiday. Wilful damage, neglect of care or accidental damage which is not part of a road accident (e.g. a tin falling out of a cupboard and puncturing a table or worktop), is not covered by insurance. For valid claims, the Insurance Excess (the amount of any claim that you must pay) is £1000.00


(i) In the event of an accident, Lincs Motorhome Hire should be notified immediately by the hirer. A complete accident report must be made out and handed to us at the end of your hire period. We recommend the use of photographic evidence.

(ii0 In the unfortunate event of an accident, please obtain names, addresses and vehicle information such as make, model, colour and registration number of all third parties and insurance details. Do Not Admit liability.

(iii)Lincs Motorhome Hire will not be responsible for any subsequent loss or expense due to an accident and will not be under any liability for third party claims or damages.

(iv) In the event of a hired vehicle being immobilised and/or unsafe to use following an accident a replacement vehicle will not be provided and no refund will be given on your hire.

(v) Damage to windscreen, tyres and punctures are the responsibility of the hirer. You are required to check the condition of tyres during the period of hire.


16.     Availability

Occasionally circumstances outside our control can result in us having to substitute an alternative vehicle from our fleet. In this event, the substitute vehicle will be of comparable specification, with the correct number of berths and seatbelts to meet your needs. Whilst we will make every effort to ensure that the reserved motorhome is available, if due to circumstances beyond our control this is not possible and an alternative suitable motorhome is not available, our liability is strictly limited to the refunds of all monies paid by you.



17.     Car Parking

Free off road car parking, at owner’s risk, is offered at the collection point for the duration of your holiday.


18.     Smoking and Pets

For the benefit of the majority of hirers, smoking is not permitted in any or our vehicles. Any evidence of smoking will result in a £100.00 cleaning charge. We do not permit animals in any of our vehicles unless by prior arrangement. Any evidence of animals being kept in a vehicle without prior approval will result in a £125.00 cleaning charge.


19.     Ownership

The vehicle you hire belongs to Lincs Motorhome Hire, 12 Brewery Lane, Billingborough, Sleaford, Lincs NG34 0LN. You must not attempt to sell, rehire, or make representation of the vehicle to any other party.


20.      Cancellations

Once a vehicle has been reserved for you it cannot be hired to someone else for the same period. As the commencement date of hire approaches, the likelihood of us being able to rebook the vehicle, should you cancel, reduces. Therefore, the following cancellation charges apply:


More than 6 weeks prior to commencement of hire – 25% of full hire cost

Less than 6 weeks - we will endeavour to re hire the vehicle. If we are successful, then the deposit (25% of full cost) is forfeited and the balance will be refunded. If however, we can not re hire then 50% of the full cost will be refunded. We aim to be fair and flexible in all circumstances so please call us to discuss.


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